We are the world’s leading producer of potassium chlorate, with all the experience and reliability you need. 

Our sophisticated system ensures that you always receive the exact quality and quantity ordered, on time.

Deep in the pine forests of northern Sweden on the banks of river Ljungan, you find our Alby plant - the world’s leading production center for potassium chlorate. Its tradition dates as far back as 1898.

Potassium chlorate is a strategic raw material for our customers in mainly the match and pyrotechnical industries since it affects the quality of the end product, the process' efficiency and the safety of operation.

Use our potassium chlorate in these applications

Potassium chlorate is used in numerous applications because of its excellent oxidizing ability. Requirement for physical properties and purity makes our potassium chlorate well suited these applications.

Match industry

We produce grades of potassium chlorate that are tailor-made to meet the specific demands of match manufacturers in all parts of the world. This high level of specialization is made possible through a long and close cooperation with manufacturers around the globe.


With our supreme quality product, high service level and advanced knowledge of Safety/Health/Environment, we have proven to be an invaluable partner to the pyrotechnical industry. Customers' requirements on the end product quality result in higher demands on raw materials and their suppliers. We meet those demands.

Other applications

Airbags, tooth-paste and incense are other applications where the oxidizing property is needed.

Product Information

Nouryon has two different specifications, FPT and SST quality. The main difference consists of the sieve size

Chemical formula


Molecular weight


Boiling point


Melting point



2340 kg/m3

CAS number


REACH number





Potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizer and should be handled with care, as the product may pose risks if handled improperly. An understanding of its proper use is critical and therefore we help our customers with proper handling from delivery to proper storage.


The packaging we use is practical, safe, recyclable and meets international transport requirements. We have modern packaging lines that are automated and include monitoring systems.

To ensure product quality all the way to our customers, we offer two different packaging types on stretch wrapped pallets:

  • 25 kg PE coated, three layer paper bags.

  • 65 kg Steel drums with inner PE liner.