Consistent quality.

We have produced chemically pure alkali - sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets - since 1904.

Today we work according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) for excipients. Our sound experience in alkali production over the years ensures premium quality manufacturing processes and products that contribute to our customers' success.

Consistent quality is the key when supplying the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic and food industry as well as laboratories. Our products' consistency and low levels of impurities make us a reliable global partner. Our production capacity is sufficiently large to guarantee just-in-time deliveries, making it possible for our customers to optimize their processes.

Our Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide Pellets are highly alkaline products and are used in a variety of applications and industries where high quality systems are needed.

Use our sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets in these applications

Working closely with our customers, we develop special grades for several applications. We are equipped to provide customers with tailor-made products at practically any purity they require. Our R&D plays a vital role in taking total responsibility for products, process optimization and selection of raw materials

Functionality Cosmetics


Food and feed
Laboratories Batteries and electrolyser
Analysis         *  
Cleaning * * * *    
Electrolyte           *
Emulsifiers       *    
Etching     *      
Laboratory and reagent         *  
Mineral donor   *   *    
pH-adjustment * *   *    
Saponification *          
Stripping     *      
Synthesis * *   * *  

For other industries we also provide the following functionality

  • Alkaline baths

  • Absorbent

  • Catalysing

  • Degreasing and cleaning

  • pH-adjustment

  • Saponification

Product information for Eka Pellets™ 

Nouryon in Bohus manufacture sodium and potassium hydroxide in pellet form. Our products meet most quality standards in the world, such as EP, USP/NF, JP, BP, ACS, E524, E525 and FCC.

Together with our own standard and tailor-made specifications, we can supply premium quality for many different applications. The pelletized form with a low content of dust also makes the product well suited for handling and use.



Sodium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide

Chemical formula



Molecular weight

40.00 g/mol

56.11 g/mol

Boiling point

373 - 430°C


Melting point




14 (4% solution)

14 (6% solution)


1990 kg/m3

2010 kg/m3

Bulk density

1200±100 kg/m2

1200±100 kg/m2


Sodium and Potassium hydroxide pellets are strong corrosive products and should be handled with care, as described in the Safety Data Sheet.


The packaging used for Eka Pellets™ is practical, safe, recyclable and meets international transport requirements. We have modern packaging lines that are automated and include monitoring systems. We offer to incorporate the customer's own labels and marking requests on the packaging.

We have developed a safe, secure and easy-to-use packaging. It is UN-approved and equipped with tamper device to secure quality and transportation all the way to our customers.

The 25 kg box is made in polypropylene and has a polyethylene inner liner. The boxes are delivered on an ISPM 15 marked pallet with a net weight of 900 kg.

We are now also able to deliver sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets in Super Sacs. The Super Sac is made out of reinforced polypropylene with an outer lining of polyethylene for dust protection. The polyethylene inner liner is the same as for our 25 kg boxes. The Super Sac is delivered on an ISPM 15 marked pallet with a net weight of 900 kg.

We have produced chemically pure sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide -  Eka PelletsTM since 1904